Sunday, January 29, 2012

reverence in her own way

For sure my kids are little, so it takes a lot of effort and supplies from the diaper bag to keep them semi-quiet during the hour and ten minutes of Sacrament meeting. But because of the sacred nature of the actual taking of the sacrament, I try extra hard during those ten minutes to keep them quiet and calm.

When the bread came by, I offered it to Babs as usual. Also as usual, she shook her head no, she doesn't like bread. (In contrast, she really likes the little water, and makes it known if I skip her. That is not why she takes the sacrament though.)

In the quiet, she then started singing "keep the commandments" except she's not quite 2, so while she can carry a tune remarkably well for her age, she can't actually carry a tune, or pronounce "keep" or "commandment," or remember any other words. Nor does she sing softly.

I couldn't find it in my heart to shush her. She was singing the songs of Zion, and was actually more reverent than usual, even if she wasn't being quiet. Kiddo did the same thing when she was about this age. I had a hard time asking her to be quiet as well.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"i wann ma pink"

When Babs was small, Kiddo assigned her a favorite color: red. Babs has recently indicated that red is not her favorite color. Whenever a choice is given, or even when it's not, Babs' chooses pink. It is her color of choice for clothes, dishes, whatever...

Her affinity towards pink doesn't fit with my mental image of her. I suppose I should let her define herself. Knowing Babs, I don't suppose I'll get a choice.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

watch TB

She learned how to climb up on the table in front of the TV. I may have inadvertently modeled this behavior. She loves Caillou. She calls it "Mama and Dada." She wants the cat, Gilbert. Luckily her sister likes it too, so it keeps them both occupied while I do things like make dinner, or read boring legal documents like rental agreements.

Monday, January 23, 2012

visual aids

Is this what Family Home Evening looks like at your house? Oh...

what was that?

Babs talks entirely too much for a 1 3/4 year old. Full sentences, asking for whatever she wants by name.

She walks around the house calling for all of us by our names, as opposed to titles like "mama," "gammy-gamma," or "gan-pa." (Although she knows the titles as well.)

At night as I try to put her to bed, she requests songs by names, especially the two ditties her daddy composed for her when she was tiny (that last 5 seconds a piece, meaning I sing them a lot). She also unrequests songs by name, should I choose one she doesn't want to hear. And makes lots of requests to "eat ca-ka" (eat cracker) or "ca-ca mik!" (chocolate milk).

She loves her vitamin C, and every time she is taken out of her crib she insists that we take "ma banket" (my blanket) then demands we "watch TB. mama daddy." (her name for Caillou, their current favorite (blegh.)).

And she doesn't choose to go to nursery during church. I determined that I didn't like nursery enough to go with her, and instead just took her with me to my church classes. Her daddy likes nursery. He can teach her to go when we're all back together again. Hopefully soon.

Any one want a small (talkative) child? (She's really cute.)

addendum: sorry, my dad has spoken for her, apparently she is unavailable.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

who has no pants?

The other night I was having trouble convincing Kiddo to put on her jammies. So, as I often do when I'm losing patience with her, I walked away, telling her she needed to put them on herself, then we would read stories.

A little bit later, she had gone to the bathroom, and was brushing her teeth. I went into her room, and noticed that the pants she had been wearing that day were inside out, with the underwear. Hmm... So I investigated. As I feared, my girl was going commando.

"Kiddo, you have no underwear on." I informed her, holding out a new pair.

"What?" she asked, and then had to check...

I feel like I have more insight on why getting her to put on her underwear is such a struggle. They don't actually have meaning in her life, at all.

(She her new TinkerBell jammies? They have buttons. Consequently, she is now an expert buttoner, where as before, I don't suppose she'd ever tried it.)

Friday, January 20, 2012

field trip to the dentist

This is a picture of Kiddo with her preschool class at the dentist's office. Here they're posing with the tooth fairy ("when will my teeth fall out mama?") Last week they learned about teeth, this week they visited the dentist, I've never seen Kiddo so interested.

They learned how check-ups are given, and got a special bag of floss, toothpaste (like Mama's), and a toothbrush. I think Kiddo has brushed her teeth four times in the last 24 hours. She has carried the bag around with her everywhere during that time. She even slept with it last night (until I decided I was uncomfortable with her sleeping next to a plastic bag, then I moved it so it was near her, not with her).

I'm hopeful that her visit to a real dentist in the next few months will be just as successful.

This preschool class may very well be the reason we moved in with my parents. It's been a wonderful opportunity for Kiddo to learn a little about letters, and a lot about kids. It is the double highlight of her week.

And see that somewhat sullen girl just to her left? That's her best friend, who has been in mourning for the last month that we're moving. Those two girls are not very surface similar (girly girl meet tomboy) but think the same things are funny, and isn't that the most important thing to share really? We'll miss her too.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

up to no good

Look at those eyes. She knows exactly what she's doing.

What she is doing is reaching into the cupboard with the candles. It's child locked. But she opens it the three possible inches, then reaches her little arm in there, and scratches at the candles, finger emerging with wax on it.

She knows she's not supposed to do this. She doesn't care.

Other things she does willfully: pull Kiddo's hair, smack her on the head, eat outside the kitchen, and leave the pew during church. Oh, and dump her water on the floor. I'm sure there's more, but I'm currently blocking them out.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

about that house

Dear Crazy Stalker Person who reads my blog trying to find my family:

I know that you saw the picture of my new house, and have spent hours combing real estate listings to find my address. And now you've found it, so you can come get us.

HAH! We aren't buying the house. The inspection was ghastly, and we're not rich enough to fix the problems (or insane enough to try).

It's not clear where we'll live now, but we're working on it. And my husband is working, and my mom is home to take care of me and my girls, and that's good enough for right now. You can start looking for us again soon,


Monday, January 9, 2012

balance of power

For the first time in four months, there are fewer adults than children in this house. My husband is off at his new job, and my parents are out of town. I think they understand the ramifications, and are taking advantage of it. The balance of power has shifted, and they seem to be in charge. This does not bode well for our future...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a good spanking

Sometimes, when Kiddo is pushing Michael to the edge, he offers that he will give her a good spanking. We are not spankers, so this is largely a vent for him. He often follows up that comment with the reflection that she doesn't even know what a spanking is.

I now have proof.

After wiping her bottom today, her little bottom cheeks were just so visible, that I patted them firmly for a bit. After a moment she asked: Why are you clapping my bottom?

Later, after another visit to the bathroom, she wanted to clap her bottom again.


Here is Babs with some of her favorite people.

She likes my brother (the one holding her) so much that during the Christmas festivities, when so many uncles were here, she called all men of a certain age "un-ka-dann." This name was applied to all uncles, and even some of her older cousins (age 7 1/2). But, if I were learning to talk, all of their names would have sounded the same to me too.

Although he and his lovely wife spent a week with us for Christmas, he's been gone for over a week now. But today, one of my mom's piano students showed up. My mom exclaimed her name, which happens to be my sister-in-law's name.

I was in the kitchen holding Babs when the student walked in the door. Upon hearing the name, Babs face lit up. She squirmed down, and started running for the door calling "un-ka-dann! un-ka-dann!"

(To avert great sorrow, I redirected her attention to the family photo, so she could think fond thoughts of the family she now knows and loves, thanks to Christmas holidays.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my role

Today we went pretend grocery shopping. We started with Kiddo making a list. First we put what Babs wanted, I decided bananas. Then we listed what I wanted, I needed rice. Then Kiddo handed me the list, informing me that "You're the buyer, so you make the list." She wanted potato chips.

After we made our grocery list, she made a list for the Art Store. This included paints, a container, and wood to build a... what was that thing for drawing? An easel? Yes, an easel.

Then she went pretend shopping and got everything she needed.

winter allergies

Four or five days ago Kiddo developed a hacking cough and a slightly runny nose (much to the chagrin of my visiting family I'm sure). She really sounded bad. As both her dad and grandpa seem to be dealing with lingering coughs I was even more concerned. But other than the cough, nothing much seemed to be wrong, except maybe she was tired.

Today I wondered - is it allergies? I gave her an allergy pill. She hasn't coughed since.

I'm grateful for little voices in our heads, impressions really, that tell us what is true - truly a gift of the Spirit.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

wise girl bearing gifts

Babs dressed as a wise man for the nativity. (More on that fantastic tradition later.) This girl will melt your heart (when she's not melting your patience).

(ps - I included the promised picture on the Santa post.)