Tuesday, February 17, 2015

faith in the plan

As we headed to our new building, to meet with our new congregation, two Sunday's ago, you could tell the kids were a bit nervous about the changes. Babs wanted to know why we were going to a different church (no, different building we emphasized). We explained that this is what happens with growth, and how we will still learn the same things, and church will feel the same.

Then Kiddo offered from the back, "Well, it's good that the plan is working, you know, the one to share the Gospel."

Yes sweetie, it sure is.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


You know that meeting? With all the talking? It was (as we suspected) a massive realignment of borders of units throughout the stake (two were unaffected, the other nine were.)

In an unexpected twist (for me at any rate) was the dissolution of my ward, sending some to the west, and some to the east. We will now be heading to a different ward, in a different building, at a different time (although luckily the building is no further away, just a different direction). Our new ward is one that was the most impacted, so there will be a lot of settling going on.

Babs has some friends her age coming along. Kiddo has none. I have some friends coming along, but I also have some that I am leaving behind.

My husband and I both thought we were in callings that we would be in for a long time, financial clerk and primary chorister, but now we get to try new things.

Which I guess is what church is all about, keeping the doctrine wherever you go, but having new people, new friends, and new responsibilities along the way.

I told my husband the evening after the announcement: "Rock, paper, scissors, for who goes to nursery with the boy, and who goes to primary with Babs." But I'm pretty sure he'll go with the boy, since they've been doing church together for 18 mos. now, and I'll go with Babs. Yay.