Saturday, September 21, 2013

1st day

Kiddo had her first day of school, real school, kindergarten school. She was completely ready. (It was three weeks ago.) She made a friend, was intrigued by her friend buying lunch (she got strawberry milk!), and generally enjoyed herself. She's not really a detail girl, so that's about all the information I got.

One reason I wanted to buy this house was we could walk to school. I spent the week before school started wondering if that was such a good idea. I mean, this is what we look like as we walk to school... Well, not really. Usually I'm pushing a stroller with Babs inside. And often the Boy is struggling to free himself from the wrap. And if it's after school, Kiddo may be standing on the back of the stroller, also being pushed, uphill (no really, the walk home is uphill - except in all honesty, I make her walk on the hills). Plus I've lost Babs' sunglasses, making her less amenable to the walk. So perhaps this is the ideal version of the walk.

And, given the kids' ages, it's entirely possible I'll be walking to the school two times a day for the next seven or eight years. But, I won't be pushing a stroller the entire time.

But back to Kiddo. She loves school. She's made friends. She follows directions and comes home happy every day. This is our school girl.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

keeping up

it didn't seem so easy the first time...

As I prayed for a blessing on my breakfast, I also asked that my husband would be blessed at work, and Kiddo at school, and Babs at preschool, and I realized that some day my whole family will be out of the house.

But today it was just most. So after dropping Babs off at her preschool, the Boy and I went to the grocery store. He compliantly stayed in his carrier in the cart while I shopped. I walked at my own pace, not slowed down for little legs. I never once said "stop that!" or "be careful" or "I told you that was a bad idea!" I could think my own thoughts. It was really amazing.

As I drove home I thought, I could actually get something done with this arrangement. Last time I only had one child at home I wrote a dissertation. I wonder what I will do this time?