Saturday, April 26, 2014

lessons about General Conference

Earlier this month we listened to the semi-Annual General Conference, where we get to listen to the prophets and apostles speak to us in our day. Fantastic. Thanks to the miracles of our time, we can watch it at home, on our own TV.

So there we were, listening to the apostles. One of them said something that I felt was important for Babs to hear, so I pointed that out to her.

"Yeah, but they're not real," she replied.

Ouch. Her logic is impeccable. We've been trying to teach her that things she sees on TV are stories, make believe, not true. She appears to be listening. Now how do we explain to her that this one thing, this Conference thing is not only real, but incredibly important?

Thursday, April 24, 2014


For Babs' birthday, the boy got teeth! Two little tiny stubs on the bottom. I'm not sure why, but this is a really great achievement in my book. I find myself so incredibly proud of him, and happy for him. Logically, I am way happier than the event seems to merit, but I can't help myself. I smother him with kisses of joy every time I think of his amazing teeth.

(ps - plus, how cute is the finger hooked over the nose? Yeah, super adorable, it's true)

the pony test

Babs turned 4 the other day, and in one of my many acts of craziness, I threw her a birthday party. It was fine, although chaotic, because, well, it was a party for 3 and 4 year olds. At the end, I offered the final trinket for their party bag, which was either a small My Little Pony figure, or a small toy car. The friends (boys and girls) that see Babs all the time, and know she is rarely without her handheld pony were all delighted to finally have a pony of their very own. Those who only know her from church, or are just getting to know her, gladly accepted the car.