Sunday, February 26, 2012

what's your name?

Babs walked up to me at dinner, and sincerely asked me an important question. Except I couldn't understand her. She was giving me the look that means I should understand (in other words, she's letting me know that she's speaking English, not babbling) so I asked her to repeat herself. After about the third try, I guessed it. She was asking "What's your name?" (a very popular conversation starter when talking to a one-year old).

So I answered. Then she excitedly turned to Kiddo, and asked her. Then she ran over and asked Daddy, "wotzyona?" He answered "Daddy," then returned the question, "And what's your name?" She smiled and replied "Sweetheart."

Then she was off for a second and third round of questions for all of us. She loves to be understood.

Friday, February 24, 2012

finding a preschool

We visited two preschools this last week, which actually meant that we visited four classrooms. In every instance Kiddo walked in, and before I could stop her, went a joined the class. She sat with them for circle time, played with them at play time, did worksheets and was ready to be involved from the first moment. I was very impressed with her maturity in leaving the classes when I asked her to, even though she clearly did not want to.

One preschool teacher told me that meant I'd done my job well, that my child was ready to leave me and join groups of children so readily. I thought that was a nice party line, but didn't really accept it, because Kiddo has been like this from the start. From her first day at nursery, she's had no need of me when there has been organized children class time.

In addition, if I accept that Kiddo's willingness to be independent is a product of my mothering, then what on earth have I done wrong with Babs? Because she wants no part of nursery, and spent all of story time at the library trying to climb up me so she could be less involved (and she was not involved).

I prefer to think that they just came different. And that while Kiddo is plenty independent, there are also times she needs me. And while Babs can't think of any place better than being held by me, she is also ready to run when it suits her (like in the grocery store, apparently a place where she is incredibly comfortable.)

Oh, and we've found one, if they'll take us. Three out of four big tasks done!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

words they shouldn't say

Babs likes to start her day with a book (and end it that way). A few mornings ago Kiddo volunteered to do the reading. Since Babs loves sitting with her big sis, and doing anything with her, this went over really well.

This morning we started the day with a little Dinosaur Train (because I needed a shower). After a few minutes, Babs got my attention and told me "hi-to-su" Yeah. She says hypothesis. (If you've ever seen Dinosaur Train, you'll know why. It's an emerging science show.)


Kiddo and I are hunting for preschools. It's possible that she'll join an afternoon class for the rest of the year. The teacher expressed a little concern that she would have missed some exposure to letters, but was sure that she could at least get some social interaction. I mentioned that she knew her letters, so it wasn't a problem.

I didn't tell her that the confusion we're currently working on is whether the word pairs she notices are examples of alliteration or rhyming. Or that Kiddo knows the word (and definition) of alliteration.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

two miracles, big and small

Since my posting yesterday, I've accomplished two of the four gigantic tasks. (That's the big miracle.)

I found, and made appointments for, a new pediatrician for my kids. Now they can get caught up on their shots.

We bought a car. A minivan. Am I ready for this?

Here's the small miracle: clearly, having bought a car today, we spent a lot of time at the dealership. Just when we thought our kids could not make it another minute (and there were plenty more minutes to go), we found dinosaur train on the TV. It proceeded to play for the next 90 minutes, which was exactly how much more time we had at the dealership. Wait, did I say that was only a small miracle? No, it was also huge.

Friday, February 17, 2012

we're all together again

Last Saturday, my husband picked us up from the airport (the one an hour away from our house as opposed to the one 10 minutes from our house, but that's another story). After waiting long enough to realize that, yes, they had lost one of our bags, we filled out the paperwork, and went home.

It's a really great split level, with two bedrooms, a living space and kitchen/dining on the top, and the master bedroom, another living space, and some storage downstairs. It's a palace compared to our old place. (And great even without such a low bar to compare it to.)

My husband takes the car to work each day, so the girls and I stay at the house. This is liberating, in that I don't have to get any errands done, and can just focus on my four tasks:
1. unpack, quickly, before the next load shows up!
2. find a preschool for Kiddo
3. find a pediatrician for the never ending cough (oh, and to go to preschool)
4. buy a car

A lack of a car also means the errands don't get done very smoothly. Oh well, we're figuring it out, and we're all under the same roof now, so that's a great blessing. Enough so that Kiddo's changed her set prayer. Now she is solely grateful that "our family can be together again."

Enough said.

Monday, February 6, 2012

post bath ritual

After bathtime, the girls climb into my bed, and get under the covers to keep warm. Then I pretend I'm putting them to bed. "Night-night Kiddo, Night-night Babs." And they say "night-night mama." Then we repeat this until I'm super bored, and finally start dressing them for bed.

They laugh and laugh, and I am grateful for two such happy children.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update at 11

Kiddo woke up yesterday feeling pretty yucky, so we skipped preschool. She seemed to perk up later, but was still obviously not quite well. After dinner, I didn't see her for a while, I assumed she was upstairs playing. She was actually upstairs asleep.

I felt relieved. She would get a good night's rest and be ready for life the next day. I would put Babs down and have a quiet evening. Except Kiddo woke up from her nap just as Babs was going down. Uh-oh.

10:30 rolls around, and she's still not tired. I got myself completely ready for bed, with her following me around telling me all about Swiper. (We saw a little Dora that day.) I climbed into bed, and she was still talking. I informed her that she could talk, but I would not respond. So I tried to fall asleep while she kept talking.

Around 11:30 she finally asked for milk, which seemed to be the end. But I'm not sure, because after getting the milk, I finally fell asleep. It's possible that she kept talking.