Tuesday, August 18, 2015

thoughts from the park

School starts in 5 days. So I asked Kiddo if there was anything she'd like to do. "Go to the park?" she asked. Okay. So after the Boy's nap, off we went.

Part of the reason she wanted to go to the park is because she *finally* learned how to swing on her own, and wanted to practice. Because I am so ready to not push her any more, I wanted her to practice. She sang a happy song and swung for a really long time.

The Boy brought two books to the park. He was much more interested in being read to and wandering around the park with his two books than the swings, the slides, or climbing around.

And as I watch Babs emerge from the slide I thought: When did my little girl get so long and lean? Where did my little brick go? I guess she is old enough to go to kindergarten... even if I still wish it were half day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The boy loves fruit snacks. The girls, not so much, not any more. He also knows what they're called.

Over the last little while, when I've asked "do you want a snack?" He excitedly yells "Snak! Snak!" thinking I'm about to dish out some fruit snacks. And he was so sad when I didn't. (Depending on the day, there were either tears or throwing things to express his frustration.)

So I started to rephrase things, lest I utter the word "snack." "Do you want something to eat?" is what I say now.

On Sunday night, we stayed up as a family watching a movie. Usually we put him to bed in the middle of it all, but this time we let him stay up. As we neared the end, he looked me in the eye, with the I-can-barely-talk-but-we-need-to-communicate-right-now look.

"Som-ping eat," he announced.

I was so proud. And had my husband get him an applesauce (a food he seems to enjoy, but is only willing to eat when he's really hungry).