Saturday, March 29, 2014

three sweet kids

Yesterday we watched "Frozen," including the credits. At the end, they list "production babies." I thought one name was way crazy, and exclaimed about it. Kiddo quietly added, "And one was named Wednesday. But let's not tell the people who made the movie, and let's not make fun of the baby."

We also fed the sister missionaries. At one point, when Babs thought the attention had been on someone else long enough, announced, "So Girls," and waited until she had the missionaries attention, "well, I've finally got my own scriptures."

Earlier, I was shopping with Babs and the Boy, holding him on my hip, facing out, so I could focus on what I was buying. It turns out that he was smiling at everyone, with that perfect gummy grin that comes with this age. I could tell because everyone that walked by commented on it, or suddenly laughed in that i've-just-been-loved-by-a-baby sort of way.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

baby wisdom

Yesterday as Babs was trying to play with the Boy, she said "Babies do's what they want to do." I agreed with her. It's true, we can't make him do much of anything, and he certainly doesn't respond when we say "no" or "don't do that" or even "come here." I believe Babs was a little wistful in her comment, wishing she didn't have to comply either.

But as I thought about it later that day, I realized that there is plenty he doesn't get to do, even when he wants. He can't move much of anywhere unless I move him. He can only protest when things don't go his way, not actively change them. He is still figuring out how to even move his body.

So they do what they want, but only within their abilities. Now if I could only explain that to her.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

we're braver when we're together

Yesterday, Kiddo and Babs chose to watch a potentially scary My Little Pony episode (especially if you're my children). They sat next to each other on the couch, sharing my husband's Kindle.

"Let's not be scared," Kiddo suggested.

She amended her idea, "But let's cuddle close together in case we are."

When I walked by a while later, they were huddled next to each other with Babs' arm around Kiddo's shoulder.


They still don't like our basement. They rarely go down by themselves, and never just to hang out there. If one of them needs to go down there, she enlists the other to be her safety. They only play there if someone else is there. But I love what Kiddo says each time they boldly venture down the stairs, "We're braver when we're together!"

(But truthfully, they're getting better. Perhaps by next year they'll be able to handle it on their own, who knows?)