Thursday, December 20, 2012

I love Santa!

One of my children loves Santa, and has spent the entire last year talking about him, and thinks he is a swell guy. One of my children thinks he is not to be trusted. Can you tell who feels which way?

These pictures were taken at our ward Christmas party (and I even chose one of the less awkward pictures of Kiddo). Babs walked straight up to him (after waiting what must have been an eternity for a two-year old), and settled in on his lap. She didn't talk to him, but was very content to sit there. She seemed surprised when she was handed a present and had to go.

Kiddo, who had talked about talking to Santa in very positive terms before getting to the party, choose differently once we got there. Until she saw all the other kids with presents (coloring books). Then she found the courage to sit with him. She also did not interact with Santa, but got her gift, and did her duty.

Apparently she's not ready for Santa just yet. (But given last year's experience, we're making progress!)

Friday, December 14, 2012

ode to you

This is my sweet girl. Five years ago today I was sitting in the midwife's office, waiting to see if they were going to induce me or not. I had finished collecting all my dissertation data, and had no school commitments for at least a month, and my mom had just flown into town. And when I finally checked into the hospital around 5 pm, I had no idea my girl would make it to me that day (I had never considered a fast labor, but I'm now a believer, seven minute contraction notwithstanding), but she did. Just before 11 pm, she made her grand entrance.

Kiddo is completely not what I expected from my child. (Her best friend in Texas was a complete tomboy. I was once mentioning this to her mother who said, I would have no idea what to do with a girly-girl. Like I do? I thought.) She loves pink, and fancy clothes. She is happiest in a dress (or as she says "girl clothes"). And she loves to dance, especially if that includes twirling. Her lovies are still an old pair of footed pajamas, and a scrap of fabric that used to be a onesie. She is compassionate and patient with her little sister, even though Babs has mostly just antagonized her since she started exercising her free will.

Kiddo is bright, and happy. Everything is an adventure. I recently sat down with her preschool teacher, who pointed out (as I suspected) that Kiddo is way ahead of all the other kids in her academic skills. She worried that Kiddo would be bored. I assured her that was not in Kiddo's personality, and it's true. She excitedly comes home each week telling me about the letter the week, as if she hadn't known that letter, and its sound, for the last three years.

She is helpful, and from reports I overhear from other moms at preschool, much better behaved than a lot of her friends. She wants to learn everything. She often tries to help me with dinner (when I am capable of being helped), and gushes "I want to be just like you mom."

She spent most of the summer picking flowers (weeds) and bringing them to me, to show me how much she loved me. It drove me crazy. But I managed to say thank you every time, knowing that the outpouring of love would eventually be more subtle, and I needed to take it while it came. (I'm expecting more flowers next year though.)

I look into her eyes, which are a lot like mine, and wonder who is this crazy, kind, happy, brilliant child, and how do I keep her that way? I love you Kiddo.

Monday, December 3, 2012

our tree

Doesn't this look like fun? It was! Christmas season is here.

As I put Babs to bed that night, she asked if Santa was coming that night. No, I replied. Tomorrow? she wondered. Still no. But hey, my two-year old can use the word tomorrow correctly in conversation. I'm impressed.

Some of you may think - wow, your first tree since Kiddo was born (which as my sister mentions, was more of my mom's tree, as I had just had my first child, and really couldn't focus on much else). I would like to remind you that we had a tree two years ago. And my kids loved it!