Friday, January 30, 2015

when she grows up

"I'm going to practice my whipping," announced Babs, "in case I get a lion when I grow up."

"Dad, when will you get me a real gun?"
"Well Babs, real guns aren't very fun, they can really hurt people, so you can't play with them."
"I know. I still want one."

"Mom, when will you get me real sword?" Babs asked with genuine concern in her voice.
"Well sweetie, not for a very long time. Like Daddy said about the guns, real swords can be dangerous, so you have to be older to have one."
"I know. I need one when I'm grown up."
"If you'd like to spend your money on one when you grow up, that's your choice."
"I need one so I can kill the animals I hunt. In case I am poor when I get older, then I'll have something to eat.... Or if I marry someone poor."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

what church is about

Our stake president announced that we will have a special meeting next week. Everyone assumes it's about boundary changes, but no one actually knows. I was explaining to Kiddo that we are having this meeting, and suggesting what we might be doing, without speculating on what I figure must be the real reason.

"Sharing a new recipe? Teaching us a dance? ... " and other ridiculous suggestions.

Babs broke in, letting us know exactly how she sees Sacrament Meeting. "You know what it will be about mom. Talking."

"Oh, and learning about Jesus."

Friday, January 23, 2015

sleep ninja

The other night I was kneeling by my bed, praying.

I hear my oldest daughter slip into the room quietly. She doesn't bother me while I'm praying, but just waits. I can hear her breathing behind me.

A few moments later my husband comes in, and settles into bed with a book. I think it's strange that he doesn't talk to Kiddo, but am praying, so don't spend much time worrying about it.

I finish, stand up, and turn around to talk to her. Except she's not there.

"Kiddo, get out of the closet," I order.

"How did you know I was there?" she asks as she opens the door. My husband is more than a little surprised to see her there.

"I could hear you breathing."

I don't remember which of us got to put her to bed that night. She doesn't fall asleep at night now, until around 10 or later. It's been going on for a few months, so by now we're used to her quietly creeping out of bed to come talk to us while we're doing the dishes, or sitting on the couch. But when it first started happening, she'd come so quietly, then lurk in the dark hallway, or a corner. Both parents were startled more than once.

want to read a book?

The other morning my husband was letting me sleep in. But all the kids were up, thus making noise, so I was really more thinking about getting up, while lying in my warm bed.

"Hey Buddy, wanna read a book?" I hear Babs offer to the Boy. I have never heard her say this to him before. Then I hear their little feet pad off somewhere. This gets me out of my bed.

I find them sitting on the big chair in his room, looking at his current favorite book. (I'm pretty sure she had to help him up.) She is "reading" it just like I do, commenting on the pictures, and making animal noises, with a few tractors thrown in. He is in heaven.

And I'm pretty happy too, because this is one of those glimpses that show me she's going to be just fine.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

how not to say a prayer

The other night it was Babs' turn to pray. She resists this. She also resists being reverent during prayers. I have to believe it's not disrespect, but just a lack of understanding. Not that we haven't tried to show her how to pray.

So she starts her prayer with a funny voice. My husband stops her and says, "Use your big girl voice." (Not the first, or the last time, this correction is made.)

She pauses, looks directly at him, and replies, "So we shouldn't pray in a pig voice?"


"Okay," and she starts up with her regular voice.