Sunday, April 30, 2017

is a camel a mammal?

To help Kiddo stop sucking her thumb, we gave her many cat in the hat science books. They are interesting non-fiction books, and my thoughts on how children are supposed to distinguish between the fictional tall cat who speaks in rhyme and wears hats and the non-fictional information he shares (often about made up creatures) can wait for another day.

But recently the boy has been excited about these books, and we read them to him often. One book is about mammals, and the punch line of the book is that people are mammals too, which is just a little mind-blowing the first time you learn it.

A few days ago Babs asked the boy to help with taking out the recycling. "Yes sir!" he announced with joy.

"Don't call me a sir, I'm not a boy," Babs countered. "You call me ma'am."

"Oh yes! Because you are a mammal!"