Monday, January 30, 2017

christmas in late january

Tonight it was Babs' turn to do the lesson for FHE. I talked to her on Saturday to tell her it was coming. I asked her on Sunday what she wanted to focus on. She decided the birth of Christ. Okay.

This afternoon I asked her what we were doing for the lesson. She reiterated the birth of Christ, and I agreed, but told her there was a lot there, so how what really were we doing. She decided we would act out the nativity. There ended up still being a lot of time before FHE, because my husband was out serving someone in the ward. This gave Babs' enough time to set up the manger scene (laundry basket with blankets and a baby doll), assign out parts, and lightly script both our actions and lines.

Once FHE started, before she got to directing our performance, I asked her why she chose the birth of Christ as her lesson.

"Well, reason #1 is I like babies. And whenever I get to see the statue of Christ, or talk about Christ, or his birth is when I feel the Spirit."

!!! This means we've managed to both provide her with opportunities to feel the Spirit, we've identified it so she can recognize it, and that she desires opportunities to feel it. She can even use the right language! This is for sure a parenting win.